Supply Side Platform for Publishers

The Process

We make monetizing an easy six step journey

  • Join

  • Website

  • Onboarding

  • Generating

  • Client

  • Automatic

    • You submit your join request via the Join button at the top right corner of the page.

      (2 minutes)

    • We review your website to ensure compatibility with AdTrader.

      (24 - 72 h)

    • Once approved, you complete the onboarding form and sign the AdTrader Ad Supply Agreement.

      (15 minutes)

    • We provide you with the requested ad tags.

      (24 - 48 h)

    • You are granted access to the AdTrader Client Panel.

      (24 h after the ad tags are live)

    • You receive automatic payments every month.

      (NET 25)


  • display



    Make the most out of your display traffic with high-performing display ad units.

  • video



    Capitalize on one of the most lucrative ad channels with pre-roll, mid-roll, and overlay.

  • mobile



    Tap into the fastest-growing ad channel with our mobile app and mobile web monetization tools.

  • chameleon



    Align ads with the form and function of your content to enhance UX and maximize yield.

One Solution

A single digital ad delivery platform built to maximize revenue across all channels

More and more media buyers are moving away from one-on-one deals with individual publishers and venturing out into the open auction markets, bidding in real-time on a per-impression level or negotiating private auctions and first-look deals. AdTrader helps publishers tap into these newly emerging demand sources by facilitating a more efficient media selling process that optimizes monetization while retaining a high level of brand safety control. The operational efficiency makes the entire process less labor intensive allowing publishers to spend more time on what they do best - creating great content.


Technology that combats the highly fragmented waterfall structure

AdTrader monetizes your inventory by simultaneously exposing it to multiple demand sources in real-time. By consolidating numerous ad networks and exchanges instead of prioritizing them we bring all advertisers to the table exposing your inventory to maximum demand and considerably enhancing its value in the process.


Traffic is your currency and AdTrader offers the best exchange rates

AdTrader partners with hundreds of demand sources. From global exchanges to local networks and DSPs, AdTrader selects only the highest performing sources for you. The scale at which we aggregate and stimulate the competition between advertisers allows us to secure the best market value for your ad properties at 100% fill rate.


Align your ads with your brand image

CPM floors:
Control your CPM with price floors to ensure that inventory is sold only at or above a specific price. This helps to manage the element of unpredictability and fluctuation associated with real-time markets.
Brand controls:
Not all ads align with your brand image. Implement blacklists and whitelists to control what creatives appear on your site and who has access to your inventory. All categories considered inappropriate or offensive are blocked from the platform by default.
AdTrader offers as many ad units per page as the page structure and design allow without impacting the user experience and aesthetics of the website. We provide expert advice and tailored positioning strategies designed to complement your page structure while enhancing the value of each ad property.


Better insight and transparency into inventory yield performance

We believe publishers should have a complete understanding of their yield performance and the key factors driving it. This is why we arm them with the information they need to evaluate both. A daily breakdown of performance metrics enables publishers to see across all sales channels in a unified manner and identify hidden revenue opportunities.


Helping you navigate through the fast-changing programmatic landscape

The programmatic ecosystem is a complex one. Our dedicated team of optimization specialists are here to help you navigate this landscape in a way that best fits your overall business needs. We combine machine learning with human expertise to unlock the full value of your inventory and deliver optimal results.


Eliminate device boundaries and monetize across channels

We offer ad delivery across desktop, video, mobile web, and mobile in-app. Streamline monetization and manage performance seamlessly across all channels and screens from a single unified platform. This allows for centralized control and a more cohesive multi-channel strategy.


Choose the right size and format for you

Portfolio of ad units and formats with examples and recommendations for higher performing ad units.


Establish a reliable revenue flow

Our clients receive up to 95% revenue share. AdTrader’s extensive trading scale and relationships allow us to give more back to our customers. Automatic payments are issued on Net 25 via bank wire, ACH, or PayPal. The minimum transferable amount is 100 USD. Any balance below that amount is carried on to the next month.