Marketer Pricing

Digital Advertising Prices

Wondering how pricing is formulated?

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How does AdTrader offer better prices?

    Our extensive trading scale and relationships allow us to access inventory at a better price and deploy your budget more effectively. In addition, our programmatic solutions work constantly on improving every measurable aspect of your campaign. By eliminating the inefficiencies and the middlemen we help media buyers cut unnecessary ad spend and maximize ROI.

  • Who is AdTrader suited for?

    We don’t have any budget restrictions. We partner equally well with small advertisers, startups, experienced buyers, agencies, or trading desks, regardless of their budget.

  • When do I pay?

    All campaigns are paid 50% upfront, upon signing the AdTrader Advertising Service Agreement, and 50% at the end of the campaign.

  • What is the minimum monthly ad spend?

    With AdTrader you are not required to have a minimum monthly ad spend. You can plan your monthly ad budget in a way that best fits your business objectives.