AdTrader DSP

AdTrader Demand Side Platform

AdTrader demand-side platform

The AdTrader DSP helps marketers better connect with their audiences by building highly resonant digital experiences. We rely on advanced bidding algorithms, extensive inventory reach, and data-driven optimizations to create highly effective campaigns that generate value for our clients.

Our superior media buying capabilities allow marketers to access high-quality inventory at lower prices guaranteeing higher return on ad spend. AdTrader performs equally well with broadly targeted awareness campaigns and highly specific retargeting campaigns.

From global exchanges, local networks and SSPs, we select the highest-performing inventory sources to help marketers reach the audience they want at the scale they need, globally and across channels.

The personalized approach is deeply embedded in our work. Our dedicated team of ad ops closely monitors all campaigns, working with the clients on a regular basis to optimize strategy. Success for us does not come at reaching targets, it is measured in how much we exceed them.